Best Friends Beach Vacations in Barbados

Barbados is rapidly gaining popularity as a tourist destination and  friends vacation for beach vacations, children and adults. Alike like it much. The island is awash with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Offers great music, vibrant flora, rich history and culture, and good food not to be miss. Its population is make up of mixed races, mainly descendants of African slaves. Who were bring to the island to work on the colonial sugar plantations. Barbados is a popular vacation destination for tourists, also due to its low crime rate. Tourism and travel

The east and west coasts of Barbados are very different: the east coast (Atlantic side) is robustly beautiful, but less developed. The west coast of the Caribbean, on the other hand, is highly develop with many hotels and resorts. However, its coastline is still very attractive. The calm and clear sea, to which water sports come almost naturally, is a visitor’s delight. The sight of the warm Caribbean waters accompanying the colorful fish swimming over the living coral reefs is almost a feast for the eyes. Barbados must see the famous underwater caves, sugar cane factories, lush tropical gardens and rum distilleries / plantation houses.

beaches of Barbados for friends beach vacation

The beaches of Barbados are perfect for all kinds of water sports. So if you are very interest in them, there are several tour packages you can choose from such as golf vacations, fishing day trips, or even fishing excursions. You can also windsurf, kite surf, ski, etc. Among many other sports. If you like horseback riding, you will find a lovely day at the historic Garrison Savannah Racecourse. You can even take a horse for an unforgettable ride on the golden beaches. The whole family will enjoy the thrill of a submarine ride or perhaps a helicopter ride to see the island from above! A safari is similarly a delightful way to enjoy the unusual beauty of Barbados. And afterward a day of Caribbean escapades, you can always return to the peace and relaxation of your resort!

friends resorts for beach vacations

There are many family and friends resorts that offer discount rates for children, and many also include special activities for children so Mom and Dad can have some time to themselves and enjoy amazing Barbados, knowing the kids are safe and having fun. . Babysitting can also be arrange at various resorts.

Mom and Dad may take the only time sightseeing in the capital. Bridgetown’s beautiful colonial buildings dating back to the 18th century have you admiring the craftsmanship of the artisans who brought them to life. Barbados suggestions a extensive variety of activities, resorts, and friends vacation letters, making the island a excessive place for a family and friends  vacation.